LeBron James and Draymond Green Spotted Together In France, Which Could Mean Anything

Harry How/GettyImages

Dryamond Green is now officially a free agent, meaning his spectacular ride as the glass-eating heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors may come to an end. He still has something in the tank and at 33 years-old could provide some veteran leadership to a team as they chase a title. And one would think he'll base his decision largely on the likelihood of advancing deep into the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Lakers fit the bill because they made a surprising run to the Western Conference Finals and — for now at least — have LeBron James on the roster. Green and James have battled it out on the court for years yet there's always been a healthy amount of respect as they see each other as true competitors.

So it makes all the sense in the world that people are reading into the duo enjoying some al fresco dining over in France. The human urge to suggest there's some heavy courtship happening when you see a picture of two NBA stars in bucket hats sitting around a table with water with gas is very strong.

It's entirely possible they were talking about how Green could facilitate some offense with his high-post dribble handoffs and passes to the corner for three-point attempts. But it's also equally possible that the two friends were simply enjoying some hard bread and stinky cheese while diving deep in the retirement protests that have gripped France and embattled Emmanuel Macron. Or talking about the art of podcasting.

Time will tell.