Youth Basketball Referee Extremely Amused to Have LeBron James Complaining in His Face


LeBron James coached his son Bryce's team at the 2023 Nike EYBL Peach Jam Basketball Tournament over the weekend. While the event was highlighted by some of the top prospects in the country, LeBron was able to briefly steal the show in what might have been his coaching debut. One TikTok user put together a compilation of LeBron on the sideline doing a number of classic coach things like drawing on a clipboard, talking to players and complaining to a referee. It was all very LeBron.

The highlight for me was clearly LeBron arguing his case to the one referee who could not believe what was happening. He's working some high school tournament and arguably the NBA's all-time leading scorer is right in front of him waving his arms, arguing a call. All he can do is try to fight the smile and it does not work. That guy was very amused by this absurd situation.

As he should have been. He's now got a great story that he can tell for the rest of his life. And he didn't even know that the entire thing was caught on video.

In case you were wondering, LeBron's team went 3-1, but did not advance past pool play.

UPDATE: A reader points out that the refs involved in the Peach Jam are actually high level, most likely Division 1 officials, looking to showcase their abilities as well, as they actually pay to work these games.