Nick Wright Bends Laws of Mathematics, Says LeBron James Would Have Six Rings if He Wins 2020 Championship

Nick Wright, quick maths expert
Nick Wright, quick maths expert /

Some will argue that whatever team name resides next to the 2020 NBA Champion section of the basketball history book should also have an asterisk attached, given the nature of the circumstances under which the victory would come. This group may even argue that asterisk should discount the championship for those same reasons.

Nick Wright is firmly in the opposite camp. Like Giannis Antetokounmpo and several other players have expressed, Wright believes this title will actually be more difficult to win than any other. Unlike others in that group, Wright is taking the idea to its logical extreme: he thinks this should count double. Meaning, if LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers leave Orlando with another ring, he will officially tie Michael Jordan with six championships.

Wait. What?

Wright broke out the calculator for this one: Two championships with the Heat, two with the Cavaliers because the 2016 championship was so difficult it counts for two, and two for the 2020 championship.

This is a new doorway Wright has opened. If we're talking about crediting players extra championships based on level of difficulty, Dirk Nowitzki should probably have three for his 2011 masterpiece. How many more do the Spurs get for their 2014 run that featured a yet-unrealized Kawhi Leonard and an aging Tim Duncan/Tony Parker/Manu Ginobili? On the flip side, do the Raptors only get half a championship because Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant both got hurt?

I actually like this game. Let's give the Detroit Pistons four rings for their one title because they did it without superstars against Shaq and Kobe. Jordan should probably have at least eight if we're taking difficulty level into account.

Basic counting is for nerds, anyway. Let's use Wright's method from here on out.