LeBron James: Bronny Is Better Than Some of These Bums in the NBA

Harry How/GettyImages

LeBron James says a lot of things. Everything he says is heavily scrutinized. There might be a big buzzer that goes off in Skip Bayless' house when the Los Angeles Lakers star does something controversial so the little guy can slide down a fire pole and tweet about it. Even LeBron's most ardent supporters would admit that he's a BSer. An aggrandizer. A somewhat unreliable narrator. Remember when he was asked to provide any detail about the Godfather movies, which he claimed to be watching on a weekly basis?

James sends some odd messages out into the world and sometimes those come on wine nights. He can be corny and cringeworthy and all the other things a dad can be. So with all of that as background, let's dive into his late-night claim that his son Bronny is better than some current NBA players.

This is not an unbiased opinion. And it may ultimately be correct because nepotism is amazing and the NBA isn't exactly a one-for-one meritocracy. To me, the most likely event horizon has Bronny James ascending to the highest league in the land despite some holes in his games and at the expense of others who are more complete players. Once he's there he'll do some things and develop through some on-the-job training and certainly won't be the least productive player.

In short, he's getting to the NBA no matter what. Then we'll find out how good he can actually be. To think otherwise is to not understand how the world works.

Many people are saying such a tweet from dad will put undue pressure on Bronny. On the other hand, he's LeBron James' son so I think he sort of knows the deal here and this won't change much.

If there's a real quibble here it's with the four crying-laughing emojis. Calm down, man. You're almost 40. Get it together.