LeBron is Going to Get Hammered For Whatever Free Agent Choice He Makes


LeBron James willed the Cavs past the Pacers in the 1st round, pouring in 45 points in Game 7. The choking Raptors were a joke, but the Celtics won’t be. Assuming Cleveland gets by Boston — I don’t think it’s a lock — the idea that LeBron is able to carry the oldest team in the playoffs past the Warriors is laughable.

Last year, the Cavs got one game off the Warriors with Kyrie Irving averaging 29.4 ppg on 47 percent shooting and 41 percent on 3-pointers. You won’t get that from Jordan ClarksonGeorge Hill and Jeff Green combined.

Which brings us to LeBron’s free agency decision, where he can’t win. This is how ugly it’s going to get:

LeBron stays in Cleveland:

Why would he do that? He’s never going to win another title and catch Michael Jordan! He can put up all the insane stats he wants in the regular season, and torch the Raptors and Bucks and whomever in the playoffs … but he ain’t winning no more titles. What a bad move when it comes to his legacy!

LeBron goes to the 76ers:

LeBron can’t win without joining the two best young players in the NBA, Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. He may get another ring, but it’s tainted — he couldn’t do it himself, he had to get carried there by two young stars.

LeBron goes to the Rockets

So a 33-year old superstar is joining a 65-win Rockets team with two Hall of Famers? That’s basically the definition of ring chasing. Anyone who took a shot at Kevin Durant for leaving OKC to join the 73-win Warriors … well, this is significantly worse. KD was 27 at the time, and at that age, you can’t ring chase, just better your station in life. Imagine if Michael Jordan hadn’t come back with the Wizards at 38, but opted for Tim Duncan’s San Antonio Spurs.

LeBron goes to the LakersHe’s never going to win another title! He needs to knock off the Warriors to even think of catching Jordan. And he went to a team with three players under the age of 23? What a bad decision.




Welcome to June … and it’s only May.