LeBron: "I don't believe I've played for a Super team." Uh, What?


LeBron claims he doesn’t believe in Super Teams. Hmmmm. He left Cleveland to join his buddy Dwyane Wade in Miami in 2010. They added Chris Bosh. Three of the Top 25 players in the NBA.

That was a Super Team. There’s no shame it in – it was spectacular! They went to the Finals four years in a row, and won two rings.

Then LeBron went back to Cleveland in 2015 to join Kyrie Irving, and they added Kevin Love. Again, three of the Top 25 players in the NBA, clustering on the Cavs. Three straight trips to the Finals, and a ring.

No shame in that, either.

I’m not entirely sure what LeBron’s trying to prove here. Super Teams are great for the NBA. This is as healthy as the league has been in decades, from popularity to interest to attendance to TV ratings. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Super Teams. Just don’t try change history, LeBron.