LeBron Continues To Be Passive Aggressive Towards Kevin Love

Ryan Glasspiegel

It’s the NBA offseason, which means it’s the time of year where we obsessively read the tea leaves that LeBron scatters across various media channels. While it doesn’t seem in any way like we’re on the verge of The Decision III, the comings and goings of the Cavs roster will be a matter of intrigue as GM LeBron captains the offseason. Here’s a fun dose:

This is the logical progression from the FIT-OUT-OR-FIT-IN subtweet earlier this season. I don’t purport to be an elite basketball mind or anything. But as far as what the Cavs’ deficiencies were against the Warriors, I dunno that Kevin Love was the missing piece. Any help he would’ve been on offense would’ve been mitigated by his defensive liability against the intricate Golden State offense.

What Cleveland really needed were extra defensive bodies, and reliable three-point shooters. With Kevin Love’s price tag — about $20 million a year — you’d think it’d be better for Cleveland to use their resources to plug multiple holes, whether that be through free agency or trade. If they can work out some sort of sign-and-trade, as Zach Lowe discussed the possibility of, wouldn’t that be the optimal outcome?

(Not to harp on this too much, but Cleveland would’ve been way better off on a four-year time horizon with Andrew Wiggins and $10+ million in annual extra cap space.)

Whether or not all of LeBron’s decisions are the best basketball strategy in the long run remain to be seen. But, his preying on Kevin Love’s ego through the press is just the latest in a long line of his wielding and flaunting his power over the Cavs organization.