LeBron and Kyrie Had a Secret Meeting in Miami?

By Jason McIntyre

As the world waits for the Cleveland Cavaliers to trade Kyrie Irving – there’s almost zero chance he starts the season on the Cavs roster – a possible kernel of hope for everyone in Ohio: Kyrie has been hanging out in Miami some this offseason, and LeBron may have spent some time there … so maybe the two met up?

Woj went on ESPN radio this morning to address the rumors:

"There’s always a lot of stuff that floats around on the internet … I don’t know of any meeting. I know they both spent time in Miami. I know Kyrie has been at the University of Miami working out over the last weeks … and LeBron spends some time there in the offseason too … it’s not inconceivable that they could cross paths somewhere. But it even if they did, it’s not going to change anything. To me, it doesn’t mean anything. I’m not sure there’s anything for them to talk out. Kyrie’s made his trade request, and it’s for reasons bigger than Lebron, and he’s not going to rescind that."

So maybe it happened, but it doesn’t matter? Woj buried the lead! Kyrie has made up his mind he wants to be traded and the Cavs can’t do anything. LeBron can’t do anything. So it’s OK to back to being bummed, Cavs fans. You’ll always have the 3-1 comeback.

Sidenote: LeBron will be in LA this week, and there are going to be plenty of reporters camped out at UCLA, hoping to sneak into the gym and watch him play.