Lawsuit Details How Dirty NBA Agents Used Hedonistic Parties, Lies, to Steal Larry Sanders

By Jason McIntyre
Oct 29, 2013, 12:25 PM EDT

Larry Sanders went from raw rookie to double-double shot-blocking sensation in just three years with the Milwaukee Bucks. His first year was such a disaster, his agents at Relativity Sports dumped him. ASM Sports picked him up. And Sanders, a string bean from VCU, quickly blossomed into a nice player, one worthy of an extension from the Bucks.

That’s when Relativity Sports decided they wanted Sanders back. According to a lawsuit filed by ASM (via the NY Post), Relativity stole back Sanders by making promises to his ex-girlfriend (which weren’t kept) and his childhood friend. It’s probably standard-issue stuff in this business, but for it to be detailed in a lawsuit is pretty rare. [The entire lawsuit is below.]

"“Through the use of private planes, celebrity encounters and hedonistic parties,” the Manhattan Supreme Court suit claims, Relativity poached Sanders"

Hedonistic parties? Do tell. This, from the complaint, is also interesting:

Sanders inked a 4-year, $44 million extension in August. To read the entire PDF, click HERE.