Laura Coates Got Fed Up With Kevin O'Leary And Shut Him Down


On Monday night's episode of CNN's Laura Coates Live, the host brought on guests to discuss Donald Trump's struggles to secure a $464 million bond in his civil fraud case. One of the panelists, Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary, continued to talk over the host, Laura Coates. Eventually she snapped and fired back at the Canadian businessman.

Here's what happened:

Coates just doing some heroic, quote-worthy work:

"I have a wonderful voice and it won't be talked over."

"What are you doing?"

"It's not America but it is the Laura Coates Live show and I am speaking."

"Fine, but it's Laura Coates Live and, hello, my name is Laura Coates."

Whatever point O'Leary was attempting to make got completely sidetracked by being incredibly rude and pushy to the show's host. The man is on TV for a living, he knows crosstalk and yelling over each other makes everyone look bad.

He comes off horribly in this segment. Is this the kind of thing Mark Cuban has to deal with all the time?