Las Vegas Crowd Incredibly Uninterested in Applauding For Athletics Owner John Fisher


On Wednesday the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce hosted an event called Preview Las Vegas 2024, during which attendees learn "the latest information about the economy, growth, and tourism" in the city. For the low price of $125 a ticket! This year's event naturally featured a segment on the incoming Las Vegas Athletics, with discussion presumably centered around the economic growth that comes with a new professional sports team coming to town.

Owner John Fisher was invited to participate in a panel for the event. The emcee was tasked with asking the crowed to get excited for the new billionaire in town. She failed, despite her best efforts, as it seems nobody in attendance gives a single damn about the Las Vegas Athletics.

How humiliating for John Fisher. And you know this is going to stick in his craw, too. Those billionaires tend to be awfully sensitive.

Now, I'll admit that the Chamber of Commerce conference is not a place where you would expect to find many baseball fans. The fact that the emcee failed to elicit even a pity clap is still remarkable, and reflects what all of us already knew-- that this whole thing is an awful idea. Fisher moving the Athletics was driven by a desire to watch out for his own wallet and nothing else. Nobody in Vegas wanted an MLB team. Nobody in Vegas is going to watch the baseball team! It's already tough to muster up enthusiasm for a transplant team when nobody was asking for it. The fact that the A's stink and play during the hottest time of year makes it even harder. This is going to be the sort of reception the team should expect for pretty much everything in the near future.

What Fisher did with the A's and the way he did it was shameful. This is merely the beginning of the karma pendulum swinging hard his way.