Larry Izzo Lives in a Bizarro World Where He Eats in the Bathroom and Goes to the Bathroom on the Football Field


Houston Texans special teams coach Larry Izzo has a very interesting approach to what things should be done in the bathroom and what things — usually reserved for the bathroom — should be done elsewhere. During a 2012 interview with Dan LeBatard, former Patriots teammate Wes Welker shared the story of how Izzo was awarded a game ball for defecating on the sidelines, mid-game, without anyone noticing. Such are the tales one spins when out promoting adult diapers.

Izzo’s intestinal workings were once again the topic of discussion on Boston sports radio this morning, more than five years later. The man truly has built a lasting legacy.

We don’t even want to know what Izzo does in the kitchen. Some things are better left off to the imagination.

On the bright side, if I’m a NFL coach looking for a guy to run my special teams, stories like these reveal more than any CV. They truly embody the very specific strain of weird that one looks for in a guy overseeing the punt team.