Larry Fitzgerald Redid His Will After Contracting Coronavirus

Larry Fitzgerald.
Larry Fitzgerald. / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Over 3,000 people died from coronavirus in the United States yesterday, the highest number since the pandemic began. Larry Fitzgerald was not among them, but he did prepare for the possibility after contracting the disease.

Ahead of his return to playing action after two weeks away from the Cardinals while on the NFL's COVID-19 reserve list, Fitzgerald revealed today that he lost nine pounds after contracting the disease and still can't taste or smell. He also said he re-did his will during his time off.

Fitzgerald was removed from the COVID-19 list yesterday after initiall being placed on it on Nov. 26. These were the first games he's missed since 2014 and the Cardinals went 0-2 during his absence.

Thankfully Fitzgerald recovered from his battle with the disease, though the aftereffects are still present. There's no benefit in speculating whether he redid his will because he was concerned about dying, but it is an indication about how serious he took it.

Over the last seven days, confirmed cases of the disease have spiked more than 10 percent and there are a record 106,688 COVID-19 patients in U.S. hospitals currently, according to the Covid Tracking Project. There have been several outbreaks within teams around the NFL but so far no games have been canceled.