Larry David Makes Fun of Bill Simmons' Love For Professional Wrestling

60th Anniversary At The Improv
60th Anniversary At The Improv / Monica Schipper/GettyImages

Larry David joined Bills Simmons on The Bill Simmons Podcast to talk about the long, wildly-successful run of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The conversation also meandered and the subject turned to WWE and Vince McMahon. David didn't miss his chance to make fun of Simmons for his love of professional wrestling and the ribbing was fantastic.

Here's the exchange:

His genuine glee in this exchange:

David: "You watch wrestling?"
Simmons: "Yeah."
David: "What is that?"
Simmons: "You're out on wrestling?"
David: "Are you ... what? What is this with you and wrestling?"

The timing and cadence of that exchange is just so good. Also, Simmons claiming wrestling's storytelling is "not much different" than what David is doing with Curb Your Enthusiasm was a hilarious attempt to defend himself.

Simmons has really been pushing his McMahon docuseries but, uh, after this week he might need to hold off on that. Or at least make some serious changes.