Landon Donovan Joins ESPN as World Cup Soccer Analyst


Landon Donovan, arguably the greatest American soccer player in history, is joining ESPN for the 2014 World Cup as a soccer analyst, the network just announced. The move is hardly a surprise, and has been speculated since Donovan was shockingly left off the US World Cup roster last month.

The most intrigue here will revolve around the success – or lack thereof – of the US team and Donovan’s reaction. His omission from the roster by coach Jurgen Klinsmann has been written about plenty, and ultimately, many believe the decision was largely a personal one. If the US gets bounced in the first round, will Donovan unload on Klinsmann? While he’ll obviously feel for his teammates if they have a poor showing, a small part of him will certainly enjoy the fact that they could have done better with me.

Is the opposite true? If the US manages to advance beyond the opening round, will Donovan admit that Klinsmann made the right decision?

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