Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, Tony Allen, Zach Randolph: Grizzlies Have the Craziest Team in NBA History

By Jason McIntyre

Lance Stephenson was traded from the Clippers to the Grizzlies Thursday, and it’ll be his 4th team in less than two seasons. That should give you an idea into his level of crazy. It feels like forever ago the Pacers were on the cusp of the NBA Finals, and then Lance Stephenson unraveled, blowing in LeBron’s ear and generally acting crazy.

So now Stephenson is headed to Memphis, which already has notorious knuckleheads like Zach Randolph (drugs, gangs, fights), Matt Barnes (read: Derek Fisher) and Tony Allen (who has calmed down since his aggravated battery charges in 2005 and being part of a riot at Oklahoma State in 2002).

That’s quite a motley crew. When Barnes was traded to Memphis last year, we called them the “toughest” team in the NBA. Now, they’ll have to settle for “craziest” team in the NBA, perhaps in league history.

These guys will make those Bad Boy Pistons look like choir boys. Worst case scenario: With Marc Gasol probably done for the year, the Grizzlies go in the tank, but still make the playoffs, and the Warriors have to play them in the 1st round. Golden State could sweep them, but there’s no telling how low a team with this many nutty personalities will stoop.

I’m not sure what Memphis is doing, but somebody, eventually, is going to get hurt.