Lance Stephenson Has an Injury in the Nether Regions


Lance Stephenson was acquired by the Clippers this offseason in the hopes that he’ll be a rabble rouser (or, at least he hopes that). Here’s a description of his injury:

Osteitis Pubis has previously been thought to be an inflammation of the joint where the pubic bones meets at the front. This is now thought not to be the case as investigations have shown no inflammation to be present. For this reason, as ‘itis’ refers to inflammation, it is now more accurately known as Pubic Bone Stress Injury. Pain can radiate around the groin but will be significant at the point in the middle of the groin at the front. It is caused mainly by overuse (one of my clients with this one used to run up hills with big bags of coal on his shoulders), or it can be caused as a result of direct impact.

That doesn’t sound pleasant. Empathetically, we hope this affliction doesn’t endure for long.