LaMelo Ball Might Be Falling in the 2020 NBA Draft

LaMelo Ball, UCLA v USC
LaMelo Ball, UCLA v USC / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

LaMelo Ball has long been projected as a top-three pick in the 2020 NBA Draft for months now and many have him as their potential top pick. Despite his longstanding position, rumors are swirling that Ball could be dropping in the draft. The suggestion is he's not exacting acing interviews with teams.

Rick Bonnell of The Charlotte Observer joined Wilson & Parcell on Sports Radio WFNZ and had the following to say about Ball:

""Here is what I’m hearing from the league at large: LaMelo Ball is not performing very well at job interviews. I’ve heard that from multiple sources. He is not improving his perception via job interview. There are people drafting later in the top 10 who were not preparing for the possibility of Ball still being around. And I’m not saying that he will not be a top-three pick. I am saying that I know for a fact that there are teams later in the top 10 who are doing more research on him, because they no longer think it’s a given he will.""

Well that's certainly interesting. Given how Ball has been in the public eye since he was 13 and didn't have the normal teenage experience -- unless most kids spend extended time in Lithuania and Australia playing basketball against adults -- it probably shouldn't shock anyone that he's not interviewing well. His entire life and career has been micromanaged for him.

Personally, I think Ball is a fantastic basketball player with incredible talent. He seemed to put it all together in Australia, where he lit up the NBL, averaging 17 points, 7.5 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.7 steals in 31 minutes per game. He's a 6-foot-7 point guard who is an elite ballhandler, an excellent passer and has a knack for getting to the rim.

While he may drop on draft night for any number of reasons, he's incredibly talented and if developed properly will be a really good NBA player.