Lamar Odom's Family Staged An Unsuccessful Intervention

Ryan Phillips

Lamar Odom is clearly in a really bad place right now and if he keeps going in that direction things could end tragically. His family obviously feels the same way, because according to Extra, they attempted to stage an intervention for him on Friday. It didn’t go well.

Members of Odom’s family, including his ex-wife, aunt and his children, attempted to get him to clean up at an intervention in New York. The former Los Angeles Lakers star was surprised by the meeting and left the location.

Odom was reportedly drunk and threw up on a Delta Air Lines flight on July 11, since then reports have popped up of him drinking in various locations. This follows Odom’s near-fatal overdose at a Las Vegas area brothel in October.

The 36-year-old Odom was apparently doing pretty well earlier this year after going through rehab and keeping to a recovery program. He seems to have fallen off the wagon sometime this spring when those close to him began to ask him to return to rehab.

Here’s hoping Odom somehow gets the help he needs before it’s too late.