Lamar Jackson Explains Why He Skipped Ravens' Playoff Game vs. Bengals

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson / Courtney Culbreath/GettyImages

It seems the floodgates have opened from Lamar Jackson's side of negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens. On Tuesday, the MVP quarterback tweeted out that he had requested a trade earlier in March, presumably to up the pressure on the Ravens to do a deal. Jackson stayed logged on into the night and ended up in a few back-and-forths with fans who had questions about the ordeal.

In the process, Jackson shed light on why he missed the team's Wild Card game against the Cincinnati Bengals in January, which was an item of much controversy at the time.

This does, at least, line up with John Harbaugh's comments at the Combine earlier this month when asked about Jackson's absence. Those comments also continued a trend-- however they might be conducting business behind closed doors, the Ravens are publicly defending Jackson at every opportunity. Even yesterday, when Jackson announced his trade request in the middle of a Harbaugh press conference.

It was always silly to think Jackson went AWOL and didn't show up to the game without telling anybody. If we're lucky Jackson will continue to tweet out revelations from the season as negotiations drag on. It's the only way to keep things interesting at this point.