Lamar Jackson Sore After His Flip, But the NFL and John Harbaugh Found It Respectful

Lamar Jackson
Lamar Jackson / Rob Carr/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson scored the game-winning touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night. As he approached the goal line, without anyone near him, he did a front flip, landing on his side in the end zone. He then got up and fired the football high into the air.

It seems this was not considered taunting because it was not directed at a specific opponent, but anyone watching knows that it was entirely demonstrative towards the entire Kansas City area, including the guys on the Chiefs. Had it been called unsportsmanlike, it would have been interesting to hear John Harbaugh's thoughts on it today when he addressed the media.

In related news, Jackson is sore today because, you know, he did a flip and landed on his side.

At this point I would like to point out that I agree with Jackson that what he did was "pretty cool." However, if he had been hurt doing it, Harbaugh would have been quite annoyed because Jackson did it showing off. Which seems kind of unsportsmanlike and stupid. Which makes Harbaugh discussing the NFL leading the way in respect and sportsmanship is equally silly.