Lamar Jackson Smashes and Throws Helmet After Game-Ending Fumble

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages

The Pittsburgh Steelers pulled off the most AFC North comeback possible against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 5. Trailing 10-3 in the fourth quarter the Steelers defense got a safety and then they kicked a field goal and then eventually, after multiple Ravens turnovers, they scored a touchdown to give themselves the lead. Then with the Ravens down four points Lamar Jackson fumbled.

After that Jackson returned to the sideline where he threw his helmet on the ground, caught it on one bounce and then tossed it again. It was at least the second time during the game that Jackson tossed his helmet in frustration.

Just a brutal showing for Jackson and the Ravens offense on a day where fans where chanting for the home team's offensive coordinator to be fired. Jackson completed 22 passes on 38 attempts for 236 yards, one interception and a fumble.

The worst part about the entire thing might be that a Steelers penalty on a kneeldown forced them to kick a field goal and give the Ravens the ball back down seven with 49-seconds remaining. This allowed Jackson and the Ravens offense to go out and have another pathetic drive to end the game on a sack.

Just a bad, bad showing by the Ravnes in a game where the Steelers didn't appear to be capable of doing anything.