Lamar Jackson Admitted Two Truths Last Night He Should Have Kept to Himself

Lamar Jackson.
Lamar Jackson. / Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Winning games in the NFL often comes down to the most minute details. You either have that edge when it matters most, or you don't.

Lamar Jackson might have just given the Chiefs and the rest of the NFL that slight advantage during his press conference last night.

After the Chiefs finished manhandling the Ravens in their own stadium by the final score of domination to zero, Jackson was asked how the Ravens can get over the hurdle of beating Kansas City. Before the question was finished being asked, Jackson referred to the Chiefs as "our kryptonite." Even worse, he later revealed they used the same game plan on defense the Titans used in the playoffs last year to likewise shut down Jackson and the Ravens.

That's the last thing you want your franchise quarterback admitting.

The Chiefs are 3-0 against Jackson so far in his career. He's 21-1 against all other teams in the league during the regular season. Obviously there's some truth to what he's saying about the Chiefs having his/the Ravens' number recently, but saying as much out loud could give your opponent a mental advantage the next time you play. It's an admission Jackson is well aware of his/the Ravens' struggles against the Chiefs and doesn't instill much confidence in his ability to change that narrative in the future.

That isn't the mindset you want your MVP quarterback in leading up to a potential playoff rematch.

Peyton Manning never admitted the Patriots were his kryptonite, even though they were, and he eventually beat them on the path to his first Super Bowl with the Colts. That helped him change the narrative between he and Brady/the Patriots. Manning went on to beat the Patriots with the Broncos in their final two AFC Championship showdowns, the second of which led to Manning's second Super Bowl win.

As for the tactical comment about the Chiefs defense doing the same thing the Titans did to stop him, that's just admitting that a defensive scheme can stop you. The Titans and Chiefs both stacked the box against Jackson and applied heavy pressure on him, which led to an inability for him or the Ravens to run and errant throws. You need the right defensive players to execute that plan against a team as good as the Ravens, but Jackson saying it's worked twice will certainly lead to more teams trying it on him.

Do I think Jackson can't ever get over the hump and beat the Chiefs because he made these comments? No. But as two of the top teams in the AFC this year, when it's Super Bowl or bust for both and a potential playoff rematch looms, every advantage matters. Jackson admitted the Chiefs have that edge right now, which could be the difference when it's win or go home.