Lakers Rumors: Kawhi Leonard Meeting Will Involve Magic Johnson


Kawhi Leonard is going to give the Los Angeles Lakers a real shot to acquire his services this summer. The reigning NBA Finals MVP’s people will reportedly meet with the Lakers during free agency, and we’ve got even more details emerging about that meeting.

Long-time Lakers writer Brad Turner tweeted the following on Friday:

So, first off, Turner reports Leonard’s “people” will be meeting with the Lakers, so we’re not sure if that means solely his representation or Leonard and his reps. But, regardless, the big news here is that Magic Johnson will be involved.

Johnson resigned as the team’s president of basketball operations in April and is clearly not happy about how he was treated. Regardless of that, he’s still willing to help the Lakers acquire arguably the best free agent on the market this summer.

It should be interesting to see how this plays out. Leonard appears to be focused on the Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and remaining with the Toronto Raptors in free agency.

UPDATE: It looks like LeBron James and Anthony Davis plan to be involved as well:

UPDATE II: This might mean Johnson can’t be involved: