Experts Agree: If the Lakers Add Another All-Star, They Will Improve

NBA All-Star Game 2018
NBA All-Star Game 2018 / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers as currently constituted, kind of stink. Even so, LeBron James signed a massive new deal to stay in LA for the next few seasons. The question that people are now asking is can they now do something to not stink? As many have been saying for months now, one of the few obvious possibilities is to trade for Kyrie Irving. And according to ESPN NBA experts, adding a third All-Star in Irving would make the Lakers good.

On Thursday's Get Up Mike Greenberg badgered Jay Williams like a hostile witness until he finally admitted that Kyrie would make the Lakers good enough to win a title.

"Having those three players as your core, you could absolutely win a championship."

A bold prediction, but he's not alone out on that limb. On the latest episode of Jalen & Jacoby, Jalen Rose also said the Lakers would become contenders if they could just add another great player.

"If they get Kyrie Irving to go with AD and LeBron, that makes them a clear big three and that makes them a contending team immediately. If they don't add a player like that LeBron won't win another championship with the Lakers."

Hopefully, the Lakers find a way to land Kyrie, like they've apparently been trying to do for the entire offseason. Then we can find out if a team with three All-Stars can compete at the highest level.