Is Kyrie Irving Really Going to Play Dave Portnoy 1-on-1?

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

On Friday evening Dave Portnoy's constant stream of criticism towards Kyrie Irving finally got a response. The Barstool Sports founder tweeted about one of his other favorite targets, Business Insider, and tagged Irving. This is a regular occurrence on Portnoy's account but for whatever reason the point guard decided to respond this time with a challenge for Portnoy to lace them up and stop talking.

Unsurprisingly this did not make Portnoy back down and instead fired him up. He responded with great confidence less than an hour later.

Irving fired back with a suggestion to play in Portnoy's hometown and then eat at his parents' house, suggesting some research has been done here.

Portnoy agreed.

That was it for the fireworks on Friday night, but on Saturday morning Irving tweeted at an Outkick writer (apparently thinking he worked for Barstool), which led Portnoy to tweet out the DM he sent to Irving in an effort to make the game happen.

It feels quite unlikely that this would happen. If it does, though, I would refer you to the famous video of Brian Scalabrine playing one-on-one with a bunch of radio call-ins from New England.

Every single NBA player is at a skill level the average human can barely comprehend and Irving is in the upper, upper echelon of talent in the league. So it's pretty safe to assume a 1-on-1 with Portnoy would end up very similar to the above video.

It would, however, be tremendous content. So let's see if it happens.