Kyrie Irving Has Been Back For Three Games and He's Already Complaining About Needing More Help

Stephen Douglas

The Brookly Nets dropped their second straight game on Wednesday. Coincidentally, it was Kyrie Irving's third game back after missing a quarter of the season. After the game, Kyrie Irving did what he does best -- complained about the situation he had chosen to be in. Worse yet, he did it after his team lost a game on the second night of a back-to-back when they were playing their third game in four nights.

As Tom Haberstroh points out in the above tweet, the Nets and Celtics both did better without Kyrie. He's still an incredibly talented player and an All-Star, but why would he answer that question like that? Kyrie is in his THIRD game back. And Kevin Durant is not playing this season. The Nets were not supposed to contend this season. And despite their struggles, they are sitting in the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. So, things are about where they should be right now. You add a healthy Kevin Durant next season and, baby, you've got a stew going.

But that's not Kyrie. That's not the guy who was unhappy after winning a title. That's not the guy who wanted out of Boston when he was surrounded by "more pieces." If Kyrie wanted to play on a team with two or three more All-Stars, he should have stayed in Boston.

Instead, he went to Brooklyn, a team that finished in sixth place in the East last season. And after a fairly inconsequential loss to another playoff team - with Durant not playing - Kyrie chose to say he and Durant - who is not playing - need help. Worse yet, he shouts out some teammates, which has to leave the unnamed guys thinking, "Screw this guy. We were better off without him." Most notably three of the four guys who have played in all 40 Nets games this season - Joe Harris, Taurean Prince, and Jarrett Allen, who respectively lead the team in 3pt%, steals, and blocks.

What must Durant be thinking? How many mercurial stars can one team have at once? Not to mention the fact that Kyrie saw fit to include DeAndre Jordan and Garrett Temple as the core that needs to be built around. The last time Temple was on a team that won a playoff series, it was the '13-'14 Washington Wizards. Jordan was on the '14-'15 Los Angeles Clippers.

There is no reason to split up the roster into Keep and Discard lists. The Nets have an opportunity to make the playoffs as a low seed, get some experience playing together against the best teams in the Eastern Conference and perhaps the eventual NBA Champions. Then they can build on that by adding Durant. Kyrie has a free pass this season and he's throwing it away. Which shouldn't be a surprise at this point.