Kyrie Irving's Return Features More Questions Than Answers

James Harden and Kyrie Irving
James Harden and Kyrie Irving / Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Kyrie Irving is back. The mercurial point guard practiced on Tuesday for the first time in two weeks. Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash says that Irving will play in the team's next game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday. After practice, Irving spoke with the media on a Zoom call. Those searching for answers found none as Irving simply chalked his absence up to personal reasons, apologized for being away and said he was ready to move on.

Obviously, we all want answers. We want to know exactly what went down that made Kyrie Irving walk away from his team in the middle of the season without explanation. But if he was really dealing with family stuff, it's not really anyone's business. He has to explain himself to the people paying him, but he doesn't even really need to tell his teammates the particulars if he doesn't want to.

All that really matters from here on out is what happens once the games start, leaving fans with even more questions. The Nets added James Harden while he was away. Early results have been very good for Brooklyn as Harden and Durant look like they have been playing together their entire careers. How does Kyrie Irving fit in?

James Harden is the fourth highest paid player in the NBA this season. He's a former MVP making more than $41 million this season and is 19th in the league with 17.8 field goal attempts per game. Kevin Durant is a former MVP making more than $40 million this season. He's ninth in the league with 19 field goal attempts a night. Kyrie is the youngest player, makes the least money ($31 million), and is fifth in the league with 20.1 shots a game. Who takes all the shots?

The good news is they've all been in situations through their careers where they've played with ball dominant teammates. This could work and it could be scary for the rest of the league. James Harden has said and done all the right things since arriving in Brooklyn. Maybe Kyrie is refreshed and refocused and back for good.

Or teammates could look at Kyrie and wonder if he might wander off into the stands at some point. Combine that with how James Harden forced his way out of Houston. Oh, and things didn't end well for Kevin Durant in Golden State. Anyone who claims to know how this is going to go is just saying stuff.

Kyrie could be gone by the trade deadline or the Nets could be waiting for the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Only time will tell because we know Kyrie Irving won't.