Kyrie Irving Complains About 'Doctors Online' Who Don't Know About Player Injuries

2023 NBA All Star - Practice & Media Availability
2023 NBA All Star - Practice & Media Availability / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The NBA has converged in Utah for the 2023 All-Star festivities this weekend and one of the hot topic is load management. Commissioner Adam Silver defended load management while Dallas Mavericks All-Star Kyrie Irving complained about "doctors online" and a narrative "run amok" that "dehumanizes" players.

Picking a place to start with this is difficult. First, Kyrie has never played more than 75 games in a season in his entire career. Between the '17-'18 season and the '21-'22 season he played 60, 67, 20, 54 and 29 games. Many of the games he has missed in the last couple seasons have been because he would not get vaccinated or not apologize for promoting an anti-Semetic documentary or simply walked away from his team or with little to no explanation.

Maybe when he says "24/7" he means 24 days a month, seven weeks a season? Anyway, nothing can prepare you for him questioning the veracity of people online giving unsolicited medical opinions. Anyway, he's apparently concerned with people just saying stuff online now.

"We try our best to tell you guys what's going on, but we have doctors online telling everybody that he needs to be back to be back in two weeks. We've got this person over here is saying he's not really hurt, he doesn't want to play. So I think the narratives have run amok."

That's Kyrie Irving complaining about people online who think they know more than doctors. It's perfect.