Kyrie Irving Does Not Like Being Questioned About His Actions

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving /

Kyrie Irving is at the center of controversy yet again. This time, the Brooklyn Nets point guard is taking heated criticism for tweeting out a link to movie titled "Hebrews To Negroes: Wake Up Black America" which Rolling Stone said is filled with "anti-semitic tropes." Irving's decision to tweet that link has been seen as an endorsement and led to official statements from the NBA, the Nets, and Irving's boss, Joe Tsai, condemning hate speech and antisemitism in any form.

All of that happened in the span of three days. On Saturday night, Irving faced the media for the first time since his tweet following another brutal loss for his team. Suffice to say Irving did not take the line of questioning well and overall gave the impression that he didn't think he should be asked about this at all. A particularly contentious exchange with ESPN's Nick Friedell went viral as Irving lost his temper at the podium, accusing the reporter of dehumanizing him before loudly talking over the questions insisting they move on.

Irving's persecution complex is pretty remarkable to watch in real time. And his accusations of dehumanization are bizarre. Isn't it the opposite of dehumanizing to ask about his actions? Personal agency is a large part of what makes us human, after all.

Regardless, it's just embarrassing for the Nets to have Irving melt down like this. And that's before you dig into what he's saying. Irving had to clarify out loud which part of Alex Jones' ideology he agrees with. He is too busy disputing the concept of promotion to explain why he thinks tweeting out anti-semitic content is not problematic. He's so wrapped up in the idea that the media is out to get him that he either fails or refuses to understand the concept of consequences for his actions.

Good on Friedell for sticking with the line of questions because everyone needed to hear this. Contrary to accusations of dehumanization, Irving showed us all who he really is by getting mad that he was being questioned at all.