Kyren Williams Left the Rams Mascot Hanging After Touchdown


The Los Angeles Rams made a loud statement last night by handling the New Orleans Saints in a game that may ultimately decide an NFC Wild Card spot. After starting 3-6, Matthew Stafford & Co. have snapped into a different gear and won five of their last six games — and the only defeat came in overtime at Baltimore. As a Detroit Lions fan, I am petrified of any potential playoff matchup but as one of those weird Detroit Rams sickos, sort of excited about the possibility of a certain underrated quarterback capturing his second Super Bowl ring and securing a place in Canton. Because the Rams may very well be the second-best team in the NFC. No one saw that coming a few weeks ago but not seeing their danger now would be willing indifference.

Part of that resurgence has been running back Kyren Williams, who has arguably been as good as anyone in the NFL since October. He continued is breakout season by rushing for 104 yards and finding the end zone last night. If you want to critique him for anything, it'd be leaving the poor Rams mascot hanging when they went for a leaping chest-bump.

Whoever was in that custom played it off extremely well. And they got to met Shohei Ohtani, so the night was still, on aggregate, extremely awesome.

It must be so hard for mascots to know if a player who just scored wants to celebrate with them or not. Talk about a lot of pressure for a split-second decision. I guess if there's a positive it's that no one will ever see their actual face so there are no real stakes. When in doubt, I say go for it because the risk seems totally worth it.