Kyler Murray Heightgate Is Here And The Public Wants Answers


Something happened during Kyler Murray’s team interviews at the NFL Combine. Either multiple teams walked away with major concerns about making this guy their quarterback of the future and face of the franchise, or the smokescreens are getting extra smokey.

I don’t what the truth is there. What I do know is that I’m now way more interested in whether the former Oklahoma star is weighed and measured at his pro day thanks to comments made during today’s Dan Patrick Show.

Patrick said a former NFL scouted talked to him last night and said — among other things — it was his belief there was something going on with the ol’ tale of the tape at the combine. Remember, Murray clocked in at a surprising 5-foot-10 and 207 pounds, figures which rocketed him to the top of many draft boards.

“I think that his height was inflated,” the scout told Patrick. “Maybe it’s the tinfoil hat theory. I just don’t see it. If he refuses to measure at the pro day, that will be telling.”

Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? Bet this one picks up on dark and semi-dark corners of the internet. Maybe Snopes gets involved. And if it does get traction, doesn’t Murray have to get measured again, just to prove its poppycock?

Also, how would a fix like this even work? Every available I-team needs to drop everything on get on this. That includes Ronan Farrow. The public demands answers.