Kyle Seager is Corey Seager's Brother, Fun Jersey Reports


Major League Baseball is trying out a new initiative for the weekend of August 25-27. Players will be wearing customized cleats, bats, catcher’s equipment, and color-splashed alternate uniforms. They’ll also have the chance to wear nicknames on the back of their jerseys.

Drink it in, all ye who clamor for the game to be fun again. These are your three days. Savor them. has identified the 10 best player nicknames: A’s pitcher Kendall Graveman is “Digger,” Max Scherzer is “Blue Eye,” etc. But the clear winner league-wide is Seattle Mariners shortstop Kyle Seager who will become “Corey’s Brother” for the weekend.

The 29-year-old is pretty good in his own right (16 homers, 57 RBI, a 12th-place MVP finish last year), but not quite as well-known as his younger brother. Twenty-three-year-old Corey is the reigning NL ROY and has a .928 OPS for the unbeatable Los Angeles Dodgers.