Kyle Rudolph Claims a Media Member Requested His Gloves For Charity, Then Sold Them on eBay

Ryan Phillips
Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings
Kyle Rudolph, Minnesota Vikings / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Kyle Rudolph is pretty upset right now. The Minnesota Vikings tight end took to Twitter on Wednesday to report that a media member had sold his receiving gloves on eBay. They were the gloves he used during the Vikings' dramatic wild-card win over the New Orleans Saints this weekend.

Rudolph alleges the unnamed media member had requested the gloves for a charity benefit, but instead had sold them for a profit. The tight end -- who caught the game winning touchdown in Sunday's game -- agreed to give up the gloves for a good cause and even signed them.

Here's what Rudolph had to say:

That's pretty awful if it's true. If a media member did this and pocketed the profits, that person needs to be exposed because it's wildly unprofessional.

The story may actually have a happy ending. One of Rudolph's followers claimed he had bought the gloves and offered to donate them to charity:

We obviously can't verify if that follower bought the gloves, etc. but people definitely began asking how they could help out.

And then this happened:

So this story might have a positive ending.