Four Potential Kyle Lowry Trade Destinations

Kyle Lowry
Kyle Lowry / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Kyle Lowry came to the Toronto Raptors as a disgruntled, but talented player in 2012. His stints in Memphis and Houston at the start of his career ended on sour notes. Since coming to Toronto, he's become an All-Star and champion, but after eight and a half seasons, it is time for the team to move on. Keith Pompey of the Philly Inquirer has reported that a source says the Raptors want to reward Lowry by sending him somewhere he'll have a chance to win another title.

So where could that be? Pomroy mentioned three destinations and I've picked out one more that could be interesting.

Philadelphia 76ers

As far as storylines go, returning to the city where he grew up and went to college is pretty damn good. Lowry would be a great traditional point guard to team with Ben Simmons. Lowry is shooting nearly 40 percent from three this season and the Sixers are in first place in the Eastern Conference. Adding Lowry would make the Sixers serious threats to a Brooklyn Nets team that has looked like a sure thing recently.

Los Angeles Clippers

If you just read headlines, you would think the Clippers are in danger of missing the playoffs. The reality is they're second in the West. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are both playing well, but they could use an upgrade at the Reggie Jackson spot. Lowry probably puts the Clippers over the top in the West.

Miami Heat

The Miami team that made the Finals in the bubble just hasn't clicked this season. They've needed four straight wins to pull themselves into the 8 seed. Goran Dragic has not stayed healthy. Lowry is shooting a higher percentage from three than every guard on the Heat roster except for Avery Bradley. Would Lowry really be the right guy to get them out of mediocrity and back into contention?

Boston Celtics

As covered extensively everywhere, the Celtics are not right. Something needs to change. They've dropped eight of 11 games. Kemba Walker is unreliable. Lowry hasn't missed the playoffs since 2012. Do the Celtics believe in themselves enough to try and bring in Lowry in the final year of his deal to try and compete for a title? The players might be optimistic, but Danny Ainge will probably just sit on his assets.