5 Kyle Kuzma Trade Destinations

Stephen Douglas
LeBron James directs Kyle Kuzma to his next team.
LeBron James directs Kyle Kuzma to his next team. / John McCoy/Getty Images

Kyle Kuzma is a good young player on a rookie deal who has become expendable with the arrival of Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers' only remaining player asset after acquiring Davis, there should be no shortage of takers for Kuzma.

The only problem is his salary is so team-friendly right now, the Lakers will need to package Kantavious Caldwell-Pope and a combination of other players to make a deal work for anyone who isn't on a similar rookie deal. So a LeBron James - Kevin Love reunion is out unless the Lakers were willing to let Danny Green and multiple other players go. So where could Kuzma end up? Anywhere with a GM looking to give up a lottery pick.

Memphis Grizzlies
Kuzma could fit in nicely with Memphis' young core. And Memphis has Andre Iguodala, who they are refusing to let go for nothing. Kuzma, KCP and Quinn Cook would get it done.

Orlando Magic
The Magic are the current 8-seed in the Eastern Conference. They'd be able to offer a mid-round pick and they have some guards that the Lakers might be able to use like Evan Fournier or Terrence Ross.

Atlanta Hawks
They have a talented young core and adding Kuzma would give them another possible future star. They have their pick and the Nets 2020 first-rounder to offer in return.

Washington Wizards
The Wizards need to sign someone to pair with Bradley Beal for the next few years. Perhaps LeBron wants another chance to make it work with Isaiah Thomas. Or just another pick.

New York Knicks
The last time the Knicks traded someone to a LeBron James team they helped him bring a title to Cleveland. This horrible Knicks team cannot do that, so they could send a good pick. It's not like the Knicks are getting anyone to sign there.