Kyle Korver & Klay Thompson Had a Scintillating 3-point Shooting Contest

By Jason McIntyre

Klay Thompson and Kyle Korver, two USA Basketball hopefuls, had an impromptu 3-point shooting contest the other day, and boy is this fun.

Two of the best pure shooters in the NBA, Thompson and Korver remarkably are able to replicate perfect shooting form on all of these three-point attempts (I watched it three times). To me, this is fascinating to watch. Yes, I went on the driveway at 9 pm tonight and hoisted about 50 3-pointers, trying to keep in mind footing, elbow, wrist, everything.

I love basketball.

According to Slam, Korver was able to edge out Thompson, 4-3. It almost looked like it came down to one shot at the very end (Thompson missed, Korver made), but that’s not confirmed.

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