Duke's Kyle Filipowski Hurt During Out-of-Control Wake Forest Courtstorming


Wake Forest scored an enormous late-season victory by knocking off Duke this afternoon in Winston-Salem. The win moves the Demon Deacons to 10-6 in ACC conference play and will be a major feather in their cap when it comes time for Selection Sunday. But an unfortunate incident after the final buzzer will overcome any of those matters as Blue Devils star forward Kyle Filipowski appeared to be injured when euphoric students rushed their home court.

People online are already doing the important work of combing through the footage and this slowed-down look suggests Filipowski could have been sideswiped by multiple people.

Predictably and honestly correctly, renewed discussion about whether college basketball should ban court-storming has broken out. Many seem to think this may be the final straw to break the camel's back and we won't see mad rushes in the future because of the clear danger they present. Others are pointing out that this has been known for years and the best deterrent has been imposing fines and that doesn't work.

Jon Scheyer has not addressed the media yet so we don't the extent of his best player's injuries. Here's hoping it looked way worse than it actually is because losing someone like that right before tournament season would be a crushing β€” and entirely preventable β€” blow.