Kyle Brandt Really Gave It to the Eagles' Defense — And They Deserve It


The Philadelphia Eagles have lost four of five. They'll start and likely finish any type of playoff journey on the road unless the Dallas Cowboys stub their toes on Sunday. A once-proud defense now provides the resistance of wet toilet paper. Matt Patricia is in charge of something very important that isn't working. Jonathan Gannon of all people is scoring an insane amount of points on them. Internal team morale seems to be at an all-time low and the usually very reasonable fanbase has been saying some unhinged things out of frustration. In short, things are not going well at all.

Blowing a lead to the Arizona Cardinals yesterday after Kyler Murray had the audacity to walk into the Linc wearing a Sidney Crosby jersey felt like a nadir. But actual rock bottom may have come this morning when Kyle Brandt and the Good Morning Football crew (working on another holiday, mind you) set their sights on the issue.

"Philadelphia got more defensive intensity from James Harden in his time there than the Eagles are getting right now," Brandt said. "James Harden is slapping the floor, locking guys up compared to the Eagles defense right now."

Good lord, man! We're only a few hours into 2024 and some of the people responsible for giving up points in bunches are probably still sleeping. Something to be said, though, for coming out of the gates blasting.

"Do me a favor," Brandt continued. "Matt Patricia: pull up some footage from the 76ers last year and just focus on James Harden. Not on offense, on defense, and show that to your guys as what effort looks like and focus and intensity and determination because that would be an upgrade a this point."

Bleak stuff. And not entirely hyperbolic.

The Eagles could always round into form and win the whole damn thing. Right now they look like a soft team with braintrust who may not be up to the task. Not where anyone wants to be — especially with the playoffs beginning in less than two weeks.