Kristin Cavallari Posted Jay Cutler's Butt On Instagram and the Internet Lost Its Damn Mind

By Stephen Douglas

Jay Cutler and wife Kristin Cavallari are on vacation, likely unplugging from free agent NFL quarterback discussions. Today Cavallari posted a photo of Cutler staring out at the ocean, sans clothes. The image featured a quote from Cutler’s old teammate with the Denver Broncos, former NFL tight end Tony Scheffler. Here are some “live” reactions from the TBL staff as we discovered Jay Cutler’s butt.

SD: While I was at lunch did you discuss Cutler’s bare ass on Instagram?

KK: It’s a nice butt.

TD: We may need a [website redacted]-style chat about it. Feel like sunburn risk would prevent me from ever nude sunbathing.

SD: Pretty sure he’s just trying to show teams he’s in the best shape of his life. It was just a couple months ago he was being body shamed.

TD: V-shaped back.

JL: I swear, I turn away briefly and Cutler’s ass becomes a topic.

SD: That’s what Jay Cutler said. Also, the Internet is losing its damn mind over this. And now that I’ve said that, the headline is true. [editor’s note: Inception meets Interception.]

JL: That moment when you go to Instagram to look at Jay Cutler’s ass, but instead get an eyeful of a bodybuilder.

JL: Found it.

SD: What kind of watch is that?

TD: The watch has me doubting the veracity of this tableau. I’ve never been a nude sunbathing situation. But why the pressing need to tell time if you’re actually doing that? May have been staged. Just saying.

SD: Looks like a deleted scene from the opening credits to Laguna Beach.

TD: I’m presuming the inevitable Smokin’ Jay Cutler meme is coming…

JL: The no tan lines thing is false. His butt is clearly a lighter shade.

TD: He needs to end up in Houston or Miami. The humidity is treating his hair very well.

SD: Go Bares!

TD: This at least makes more sense than Brady getting naked to sunbathe then covering the parts that would have been covered with a towel.

SD: I’ll edit this to make us all look like we communicate in complete sentences and warn people the image below is totally NSFW.