Kobe to Play in China for $1.5 Million Per Month?

By Jason McIntyre

Imagine making $9 million or more a year playing basketball since 1999, and going all the way to zero because of the lockout. These are Kobe’s last few money-making basketball years, and there are only a handful left. So naturally, he’s going to consider playing in China for a whopping $1.5 million per month. If the lockout lasts just five months, Kobe could rake in $7.5 million … and then there’s the potential to sell more sneakers and appear in commercials … conservatively, I’ll guess Kobe could get $10 million for five months in China.

Remember who Chinese basketball fans loved the most at the 2008 Olympics? Kobe. Remember who sold the most jerseys in China when Yao Ming was in the league? Kobe.

Someone wake me when Stephen A. Smith writes a column ripping Kobe the way he wrote one trashing Deron Williams’ move to Turkey.

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