Did Giannis Get Away With the Most Blatant Travel in NBA History?


Giannis Antetokounmpo had 35 points, 10 assists and eight rebounds on Tuesday night as the Milwaukee Bucks beat the New York Knicks, 146-122, to advance to the semifinals of the NBA's inaugural In-Season Tournament. As many people have said, when Giannis plays like that and his team makes 23 of 38 three-pointers (60 percent!) and score nearly 150 points in regulation, the Bucks are very hard to beat.

Which is why it's OK to call Giannis for traveling when he does something like this.

That's a double-dribble at least. Definitely a carry. Probably a travel too. I know it's not fun to point that out, but come on. Giannis is a 7-foot, 250-pound version of Russell Westbrook, who himself is one of the greatest, most freakish athletes to ever live.

Giannis is bigger, faster and stronger than just about everyone on the planet. If I told you that in the new Godzilla and King Kong movie the two monsters team up with the US government to try and stop Giannis on a fast break, you'd believe me. Which makes it alright to make him follow the rules when he dribbles or at least call him out when he doesn't.

It's also why it's so amazing to see so many people celebrate the fact that he "took one dribble" to travel the length of an NBA basketball court as if he didn't commit multiple rules violations.

First of all, he dribbled twice. He dribbled once as he took control of the ball at the top of the key on the Knicks end and went around Julius Randle. And then he put his hand under the ball, picked it up and took multiple steps before he bounced it one more time, picked it up again and took multiple steps before dunking.

I know this looks cool as hell, but if someone did this in a video game you'd restart the system because of the obvious glitch.

Professional basketball players are really good at basketball. They often do things that regular people cannot even imagine doing on a basketball court. And Giannis does things that many professional basketball players can't quite comprehend. So if you call him for something or anything when he does some of this unicorn shit, he'll survive. He'll still be a perennial MVP candidate. His team will still win most of their games. Everyone will survive.