Klay Thompson's Concussion Was Handled About as Poorly as Possible by the Golden State Warriors


Klay Thompson suffered a concussion during Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals when Trevor Ariza landed a flying knee to his head. Thompson went to the locker room where he either did or didn’t undergo the standard concussion protocol. Thompson tried to return to the game, but he was bleeding from the ear.

So Thompson got some stitches and returned to the bench.(Ed. He did not re-enter the game, but that was separate of concussion concerns.ESPN’s Doris Burke said Thompson didn’t need concussion protocols at the 6-min mark.) Only after the game did his condition apparently worsen. Via ESPN:

“Klay Thompson was evaluated by the Warriors medical staff immediately after suffering an injury during tonight’s game and was put through a concussion evaluation,” the team said. “At the time he did not show any concussion-like symptoms. After the game he began to not feel well and developed concussion-like symptoms. He will continue to be evaluated by the team’s medical staff tonight.”

Or they sent him home for a good night’s sleep. (I don’t think you’re supposed to do that.) Oh, and his dad had to give him a ride.

Yes, Thompson’s father is making the media rounds. It’s unclear if he is trying to drag the Warriors’ name through the mud because they took a pretty serious risk with his son’s health, or if he’s just woefully ignorant about head injuries.

Either way, when somebody takes a knee to the head, perhaps the Warriors should be a little more cautious. Especially considering the fact that Stephen Curry returned to a game this week after he banged his head on the floor during a bad fall. Maybe teams in important playoff games shouldn’t be the ones making the decision about who can play.

UPDATE: Thompson never had a concussion. Just symptoms.