Klay Thompson Never Actually Had a Concussion, Just "Concussion-Like Symptoms" [UPDATE]


UPDATE: Klay Thompson DID have a concussion.

Here’s the actual release, via @sherwoodstrauss:

Everything below this is the original post….

Klay Thompson never had a concussion. Thompson was kneed in the head, suffered a lacerated ear, and developed “concussion-like symptoms,” but never had a concussion. Thompson was throwing up after the game and unable to drive himself home, but did not have a concussion.

I hammered the Warriors for the way they handled the concussion that turned out not to be a concussion. Sam Amick spoke with Thompson’s agent, Bill Duffy on Thursday. Via USA TODAY Sports:

"“I have absolutely no problems with how this was handled,” Duffy said. “I think Klay was communicated with. There was no pressure whatsoever. It’s absolute that this was handled the right way, with communication between the team and us, so I see no issue whatsoever, or no need for scrutiny. … To me, it’s a non-issue as to how it was handled.”"

To recap – Klay Thompson did not have a concussion. Just a few concussion-like symptoms.

So what is a concussion anyway? Concussions are like snowflakes in that no two are the same. According to the Mayo Clinic website, “Most concussive traumatic brain injuries are mild, and people usually recover fully.” Symptoms can be delayed. Symptoms last an undetermined amount of time. And eventually, symptoms go away. So if someone with a concussion is not tested while exhibiting symptoms of concussions, is there any way to prove they ever was a concussion?

I guess it doesn’t matter. Thompson has been cleared by doctors. Even though he almost returned to the game, he never did. Thompson will spend the next couple days resting and will be ready for the NBA Finals on June 4th. Someone else can be the example the NBA uses to refine their concussion protocol.