Klay Thompson is the Future of NBA Broadcasting

Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors
Minnesota Timberwolves v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Klay Thompson is the next Charles Barkley. Or the NBA equivalent of Tony Romo. Basically, whatever he wants to be in the media after he retires, that's what Klay can be. Thompson proved that on Friday night when he worked as an analyst / reporter on the NBC Sport Bay Area broadcast of Warriors - Pistons.

While the game was a dud because the Warriors destroyed the Pistons, Thompson showed great poise and personality on live television. Thompson, who hasn't played in a NBA game since June 2019 because of injuries showed that he has everything his father has and more. I mean, he did take film production in college.

Klay's father, Mychal Thompson, played in the NBA from 1978 to 1991, winning two titles with the Los Angeles Lakers. He's been covering NBA games ever since in Portland and Los Angeles. Klay already has more rings, now it seems like a matter of time until he has a more decorated broadcasting career. And that's no knock on everything Mychal has done in the media. Klay just seems like the perfect personality for modern broadcasting.

What could set Thompson apart from a popular personality like Romo, is a willingness to lean into the Barkley-ish. You would never hear Romo say something about a player like Thompson did when he said that Rodney McGruber would be out of the league soon.

Then he had the comedic timing to ask Stephen Curry if Mychal Thompson was a better color commentator and walk off when he didn't get the answer he wanted. If you think Draymond is the most likely successor to Charles Barkley's position in the NBA media

Klay is either the first or second best shooter in NBA history. He can be either the first or second best NBA analyst in Thompson family history. Trayce better hope he doesn't get bored and take up baseball.