Klay Thompson Gets Away With Obvious Double Dribble In One of the Worst Blown Calls You'll Ever See

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers
Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers did battle at the Crypto.com Arena Thursday night. With Stephen Curry out, Klay Thompson had to shoulder much of the offensive load for the Warriors. Maybe the officials thought he needed a little help, because they blew one of the most obvious calls you'll ever see.

With 3:40 remaining in the third quarter and the Lakers leading 83-74, Thompson received the ball on the left wing, midway between half court and the 3-point line. On replay, he clearly gathers the ball, takes a dribble and comes to a stop. Then, for some reason, he starts again, takes two dribbles and drives to the basket. Officials called a foul on the drive, whistling Anthony Davis as the culprit. The problem? It was as clear a double dribble as you'll ever see.

Check this out:

Here's another, closer look:

Yeah, that's a double dribble. How none of the officials on the court saw that is beyond me. It's ridiculous. On top of that, they hit Davis with a foul and Thompson made both free throws. Poor officiating gifted Golden State two points.

That's just one of the worst missed calls you'll ever see. Do better, NBA officials.

In the end, the Lakers won 124-111.