Kirk Herbstreit Absolutely Butchered Shohei Ohtani's Name on Thursday Night Football


The Los Angeles Rams are hosting the New Orleans Saints on Thursday Night Football. Because it's a night game at SoFi Stadium, there are a number of celebrities in attendance, including MLB superstar Shohei Ohtani. Amazon broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit noticed the newest Los Angeles Dodgers signing was in the crowd and absolutely butchered the pronunciation of his name.

Check this out:

Ouch, Kirk. That was bad.

I get it, Herbie is focused on college football and the NFL, he's not a baseball broadcaster. But still, you've got to know the name of a guy who is a top 10 sports star on the planet.

As for the game Ohtani is attending, the local 11 have the halftime lead 17-7 thanks to two touchdown passes from Matthew Stafford. Now that he's been to an NFL game, I'm sure Ohtani is already sick of hearing how Stafford and Dodgers great Clayton Kershaw actually went to the same high school. That might be the only way in which he's just like the rest of us.