Kirk Cousins Will Literally Encase Himself in Plexiglass Before He Gets Vaccinated

Kirk Cousins
Kirk Cousins / Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Kirk Cousins is unvaccinated. He has no plans to get vaccinated. He just missed a week of training camp because he was a close contact to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, yet he still has no plans to get vaccinated. He is willing to encase himself in plexiglass rather than get vaccinated. Seriously. This is something he is considering.

He's basically suggesting a Popemobile because he's probably going to have to go in other rooms, including the locker room, which will also contain athletes who think they are smarter than doctors and scientists. It's unfair to single out athletes because there are plenty of very bad decision-makers walking the streets right now, but then again they're in the public spotlight, have the loudest megaphone and make the most money.

UPDATE: The video is even worse.

Cousins is not alone. Here's Cam Newton, who had his entire 2020 season derailed when he caught COVID-19 last Fall. Asked if he got vaccinated, he told reporters that it is "too personal" and, "I'll just keep it at that."

What the hell are these guys talking about? It's not personal. Nothing in their medical history as a professional athlete is personal. We get a detailed breakdown of their every ailment every freaking week. And this thing over here? This whole Global Pandemic That Has Killed Over Four Million People Worldwide thing? This shit isn't personal either. This is very public. Every single person's vaccination decision affects public health. Everyone who doesn't is making it harder on everyone else.

And as football players, every single player's vaccination decision affects their team. Look at Cousins and the other quarterbacks missing time this week. Look at what Newton catching COVID did to the Patriots season last year.

The best part is that Cousins also floats the "my own research" B.S. that many anti-vax people like to throw out. Get real.

A year ago Cousins dropped the infamous "If I die, I die" line. I have to honestly question whether he has done more research in the last year on the COVID-19 vaccine and virus than, say, the scientists who developed the vaccines that are saving peoples lives.

I'm sorry. I know I have no clue what Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins has been doing with his free time over the last year when he wasn't playing football, but I just seriously doubt he has done as much research as the scientists. And before you even say it, yes, I know Cousins majored in kinesiology at Michigan State.

I just refuse to take seriously those who would rather encase themselves in plexiglass than take the soon-to-be FDA approved vaccine to help protect themselves, their teammates and all the other humans. These are not the thoughts of a person who is to be taken seriously.