Kirk Cousins' Press Conference Was a Disaster

Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings
Los Angeles Rams v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

Kirk Cousins is back this week after missing Week 17 following a positive COVID-19 test. In his absence, the Minnesota Vikings were stomped by the Green Bay Packers 37-10 and dropped to 7-9 on the season, getting eliminated from playoff contention in the process. On Wednesday, Cousins spoke with the media and it was certainly something.

Cousins, who is unvaccinated, claimed during his presser that he would have tested positive for COVID regardless of his vaccination status. He claimed he had mild symptoms and a vaccine wouldn't have made a difference in his case. While that might possibly be true, there is no way to know. Studies have repeatedly shown that vaccinated individuals are far less likely to contract COVID and test positive for it.

Cousins then went on to claim this weekend's matchup with the 6-10 Chicago Bears, "as important as any football game we have." Really? It's important for the 7-9 Vikings to beat the 6-10 Bears in a matchup of two teams nowhere near the playoff picture? Unless he's referring to how important it will be to lose to improve the franchise's draft position, this makes zero sense.

The 33-year-old quarterback then refused to discuss the fact that the Vikings have missed the postseason in three of the four years he's been the team's quarterback because he's hyper focused on preparing for the Bears -- in a game that literally couldn't matter less.

Really a bang-up job by Kirk on this one. Made himself look great.