Kings Owner Vivek Ranadive Was Obsessed With Buddy Hield, Thinks He's the Next Stephen Curry


We knew that the Kings had a “better offer” for DeMarcus Cousins earlier in the week, but we didn’t know how deep the Buddy Hield love goes in Sacramento. Specifically, from Kings owner Vivek Ranadive. Vivek really wanted to draft Buddy Hield with the 8th pick in last year’s draft, but he went 6th to the Pelicans. It turns out that Ranadive never moved on.

That could just be Hield paraphrasing, but holy cow does that sound creepy. So why the obsession? Because Vivek thinks Buddy is the next Stephen Curry.

After watching Buddy Hield for 57 games this season – and comparing his numbers to rookie Stephen Curry – you would have to be absolutely delusional to still think that, but it’s a perfectly plausible explanation for why the Kings passed on a better offer to trade Cousins to the Pelicans. I mean, it’s insane, but at least you understand why the Kings did what they did. Even if you don’t.